Why Montessori

Every parent wants their child to succeed and have every advantage in life that they can be afforded. Red Deer Montessori and the learning based programs we provide a strong foundation with early education.

In the Montessori program, children gain a strong sense of self, independence, productivity and a love of learning. Here they are creating a foundation for a successful future in their education and beyond. The Montessori program also promotes social interaction through class activities, greeting and hosting guests in the classroom, preparing and sharing snacks with peers, and exercising appropriate behaviours. 

The Montessori method is also very inclusive for all children, including those with special needs. Dr Montessori saw the need to create a teaching method that was inclusive to all children from the beginning. All children receive an individualized education with our program. Students have more freedom to learn and grow at their own pace. Their educational plans are matched to their unique developmental level, learning style, and interests. 

We want to make sure Montessori is the right fit for both your child and your family. If you are uncertain if your child would excel in a Montessori classroom, try asking yourself:

  • How close is Red Deer Montessori to our home, and how much does it cost to enrol in the program?
  • Does my child prefer to work alone or do they like to work along with other students?
  • How does my child approach their learning process? Do they take on an independent, leadership role or do they often need help to get a task started and to stay motivated? 
  • How does my child like to learn? Do they like to read or watch videos to learn, and do they need to practice what they learned before they completely understand it?


And here a few fun facts about Montessori and Red Deer Montessori:

A few individuals who are former students and have benefited from Montessori include, NBA athlete Steve Curry, Google creators Larry Page and Sergei Brin, and chef, author and tv personality Julia Child.

Red Deer Montessori is also recognized by our community. We were recipients of the Red Deer Reader’s Choice Awards in 2020 for Child Care Services.