Child Care Options

Child care programs to match your child and family

We understand every family has different schedules and needs, which is why Red Deer Montessori has a number of child care options available for young children. All our child care programs follow the Montessori philosophy and are learning based. Whether your child needs care two days a week or are ready for kindergarten, Red Deer Montessori is able to provide child care programs that match the needs of your child and your family.

Bambini Programs

It is never too early for your child to start learning and to develop life long skills. Our Bambini Program is for children two years of age. In this program, children receive lessons that involve practical life skills, sensory experimentation, culture, language and math. Your toddlers will learn social skills, how to have self-control, build their attention span, develop their fine and gross motor skills, and more.

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Casa Programs

Our Casa program is for children ages 3 to 5 and who are potty trained. Red Deer Montessori Preschool Casa program is a prepared class environment to help them develop academic and life skills. Children take part in group lessons as well as individual lessons, providing them with the skills needed to complete their work as an individual as well as with a partner.

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Casa Half Day Programs

Our Casa Half Day program offers the same learning opportunities as our full day program for children ages 3 to 5 years but with adjusted hours to fit the needs of your family.

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If your child has been with us in the Casa program and is heading into Kindergarten, we offer a program that compliments what your child will be learning. Consider enrolling your child with us on the days that they are not attending regular school. They will get hands on learning that will solidify the lessons they are receiving in kindergarten to ensure that your child stays on track . We also provide flexibility with scheduling in our kindergarten program.

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Summer Camp

Summer is the perfect time to learn and experience new things for children. Red Deer Montessori offers a summer camp program which runs through July and August. In our summer camp program children are able to experience a wide variety of fun and exciting activities that incorporate learning, all in a warm and supportive environment in the Montessori tradition.

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