Casa Program

Ages 3 - 5

Our Casa program provides children ages 3 to 5 with a well-rounded education. Red Deer Montessori’s Preschool Casa program is an engaging prepared class environment to help them develop academic and life skills. Children take part in group and individual lessons, providing them with the skills needed to complete their work individually or with a partner.

Children are supported by Montessori-trained teachers who observe and guide children along their development path. 

The materials and activities introduced in a Montessori program let children explore the world through their senses, motions, and observing others. Our classroom activities are hands-on, holistic, use natural materials and encourage exploration. The classroom is full of beautiful objects, and everything is just their size to encourage them to take initiative and develop a sense of independence. 

The classroom and activities grow as the children do; older children will begin using the materials to explore the curriculum in new and deeper ways. We want the children to stay stimulated, curious and always looking forward to learning more. It is not unusual for children to leave the Casa level at six years old with highly developed reading and writing skills, the ability to do simple math, and a strong interest in moving on to the elementary program.

We touch on topics such as geography, mathematics, language, social skills, music and more.

Our Casa students take part in a daily 30-minute French lesson, where they are taught simple vocabulary, basic pronunciation of words, French songs and games. 

Here is a glimpse into some of the Montessori-based activities that your child will take part in when enrolled in the Casa program:

  • A variety of in-class and outdoor movement activities
  • Listening to and creating music 
  • Physical development with a trained physical education specialist
  • Developing their independence and respect

"Because the teacher respects each child and refrains from interference, the children treat one another with the same respect and kindness." - Maria Montessori

For further information or questions about our Casa early learning program, please reach out to our dedicated team. We invite you to fill out our application form if you would like your child to attend Red Deer Montessori.

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Casa Program Hours

Full Day Program
8:45 AM - 3:45 PM

5 Day - Monday - Friday
4 Day - Monday - Thursday
3 Day - Monday - Wednesday

Extended Full Day Program
7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

5 Day - Monday - Friday
4 Day - Monday - Thursday
3 Day - Monday - Wednesday