Red Deer Montessori Discipline Policy


Discipline is a continuous process of guiding behaviour to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence and self-discipline. It is based on a concern for the safety and well being of each child.

We work to keep discipline age-appropriate. Different techniques will be used depending on the situation. We use a positive approach, which avoids personal humiliation. The purpose of discipline in the classroom is to both prevent inappropriate behaviour and to give the children the skills to solve problems as they arise.



  • We set clear and easy to understand limits
  • We state what is expected instead of asking questions
  • We reinforce appropriate behaviours
  • We ignore minor incidents


Dealing with inappropriate behaviours, we use:

  • Diversion or distraction (change the child’s activities)
  • Natural or logical consequences
  • Choices
  • Modelling (setting a good example)
  • Redirecting
  • Limit activity area
  • Acting out appropriate behaviour at group time (giving children words to use when a real situation arises)
  • Time-outs (used for short periods of time either beside the teacher’s side or at a table during group time—children are given the opportunity to join the group as soon as they have gained control over their body)

In our classroom any form of discipline which could harm a child physically or emotionally is unacceptable. Staff can not shake, strike, pinch, rough handle, force feed or withhold snack, deliberately ignore, embarrass or make fun of a child. A child will not be left alone.

Teachers will communicate with a parent if their child’s behaviour is a concern. Together, teachers and parents will form and implement a plan to positively change inappropriate behaviours.

We strive to keep our classroom a happy, safe place. If it is obvious that a child is unhappy in this preschool (by displaying inappropriate behaviours) then parents may need to accept that our centre is not the best environment to meet their child’s needs.

We enjoy seeing children who are proud of their achievements, their friends, their classroom and themselves!