Red Deer Montessori Emergency Plan

Depending on the severity of the emergency, one of the two following plans would be taken:


Plan One

We take the children to a safe corner of the parking lot. The teachers would carry this out as practiced in our monthly fire drills. The emergency card is taken as well as the attendance book and the first-aid kit. We would remain at the muster point and would wait to re-enter the building until it is safe to return to the building as confirmed by the fire and police department.


Plan Two

We walk the children to the Body Basics Fitness Center located at 5569 47 Street. This is where the children will be supervised until the time parents would be able to pick up their children. Emergency cards, first-aid kits and the attendance book are brought during the evacuation. We leave the school as practiced during our fire drills. A teacher would take attendance upon arrival at the location.